These pointer locations are strictly for use within the Playstation 2 music extraction program, MFAudio. They have no other purpose. All tracks should be read within MFAudio with the following specs:
44100Hz frequency - 16 bit samples - 2 Channels - Interleave: 10 bytes.

The Offset is according to the list below.

Also, I apologize for the ugliness of this page, but the target audience is very small, and the information is accurate, even if the presentation is lacking...

Track Name
2E7000"Tiny Bells"
345000"Flower of Happiness"
1429000"Laharl's Hymn"
22AD000"Tragedy of the Marionette"
2bE7000"Ah, My Magnificent Life"
35E5000"Red Moon"
3863700"Battle Comrade"
3E80700"Flower of Happiness (Choral)"
4F68A00"Laharl's Hymn (Choral)"
5777200"Etna Boogie (Instrumental)"
5DC6C00"Tragedy of the Marionette (Choral)"
6760D00"Ah, My Magnificent Life (Instrumental)"
71EA300"Red Moon (English Version)"
744B500"Battle Comrade (Instrumental)"
7AC9000"The Invasion from Within"
81C9C00"Whisper of Hell (Organ Version)"
86B2600"Whisper of Hell"
8D66700"Welcome to the Devil's Castle"
927F700"Flower Bed"
991F200"Sorrowful Angel"
A178C00"Angel Smile"
A835F00"Dear Friends"
B190D00"Ghosts' Descent"
B854900"A Dark Race Becomes Magnificent"
BD4A500"Laharl's Hymn (Instrumental)"
C3B4100"Ray of Light Going Into the Future"
C923B00"Do Your Best, Girl"
CD39700"Footsteps of a Mischievous Demon"
D118100"Beauty Baron"
D634900"The Anthem of Braves"
DB6F300"March of the Planet Earth"
E0BA500"Eternal Melody"
ED23A00"The Great Wild"
F2C9A00"Rosen Queen Co.'s Underworld Branch"
F7A8400"AKUMA Drops"
FC53500"Fancy Ball"
10134300"Hystelic Kingdom"
10676600"Running Fire"
10C3F700"Witch Hunting"
117A2400"Battle of Eight Beat"
11D57A00"Galaxy Wars"
124D4400"Beautiful Round Dance"
12982E00"Planet X"
139B3900"Fearless Whisper"
13EB4D00"Portrait of the Underworld"
1429E300"One With the Stars"