Warp Zone
(A bit skimpy right now, but hey, I'm working on it.)

GameFAQs - The site for all manner of information on almost every game. Every gamer should have this bookmarked.
SegaSages - The info that GameFAQs doesn't have, these guys do. If the cheat is out there, then it's in here.
Game Soundtrack Central - If you need to know anything about a game's soundtrack, including reviews, you'll find it here.
BigMog.Com - All sorts of Anime and Game goodies. He runs a nice Anime & Game music radio station as well, check it out.
Deathcom Gaming - Carries a wide variety of game MP3s and video clips. When his servers get back up, this is a good site.

The Heart of the Flames - Not a gaming site, but one run by my fiancee and cool nonetheless. If you notice any similarity between that site and mine, it's because I'm incompetent in html and she did my logos as well as a lot of the coding on this site. I just sit there, provide content, and bow in worship where needed. While you're visiting The Heart of the Flames, be sure to check out Operators Standing By, our site that details the stupidity we deal with each day in our job. It's good for many, many laughs.

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