About Ultrace

I was born late in the middle ages, the only son of a poor farmer and the rich princess who fell in love with him after they met by chance. I discovered this at the age of 17 when my father let his tongue slip. At that point, I set out to make a name for myself, and became a warrior of great repute, having slain several mad beasts including the dragon Quilental. Eventually, the king of Farlgad, greatly indebted to me, offered me his daughter and the Viceroy's position. I accepted, and succeeded him to the throne after a...

Oh, where was I? Right, right. My name is Mike, and I'm just about 25. I have the great misfortune to currently be sequestered in the south, in Louisiana to be exact, where I live with my fiancee, Nikki (aka Jet Wolf--note the domain name for this site. She also did all the logo graphics on this site, and helped with all the coding that was more complex than carriage returns and inserted pictures.) Although my current job is that of a telephone answerperson to several of Satan's top minions, my ultimate goal is to be a novelist.

Sometimes standing in the path of that goal are my hobbies, which, apart from games and gaming include more games and gaming, anime, comics. In the past, I have collected a great many things, including insects, coins, trading card wrappers, audiocassettes (blank ones of differing brands), and failures. My favorite colors are red and grey, hence their use here even though they are aesthetically displeasing to some.

I can be reached at Ultrace@ultrace.com, for comments and questions, but be forewarned that I am prone to ignoring or procrastinating e-mail. You have been warned.

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