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Sunday, September 2, 2001 - The End is Now Here

Okay, so it's not, but I couldn't resist the Thunderforce V line when thinking about online radio station broadcasting. In particular, I'm referring to, who recently announced that all new station broadcasters would have to pay to do so and that everyone else was effectively capped at their current amount of storage space. Yup, the same fate that has befallen so many other online ventures will no doubt soon hit my favorite (due to being free and not requiring a connection from my end) broadcasting means.

The good news about this announcement was twofold: first, anyone with an existing station was exempt from having to pay basic fees for keeping it up (I do so love grandfather clauses when I'm on the in), and secondly, I'd just finished uploading 25 tracks to 1-Up! Radio to bring its total to 501 MP3s and 245 megs of space.

The bad news is also twofold: Had I been working more and uploading sooner, I could have taken the other 120 megs of my original 365-megabyte allotment and had the station really cranking (as it stands now, there's only 24 hours worth of music on there, not the 36 I could have had), and the gradual decline of will eventually wipe the station out. Perhaps they'll hold on for another year or so, giving me 2 years of broadcasting, but unless something drastic in the internet economy changes, that's all she wrote.

The basics of all this is, enjoy it while it's there, folks. At any given time, there are at least 2-3 dozen video game music stations running on in such a plethora of variety as to satisfy just about anyone. While I've tried to give 1-Up! Radio a wide appeal, other stations all the way from the mighty BigMog Radio to that new station near the bottom that's only had 9 hours of listening in the past month, have something to offer. Stop by and listen while you can.

On a somewhat-related but still side note, I was particularly proud of my conquest recently in completing a three-and-a-half-minute recording of the full soundtrack for the arcade classic, Gyruss. It was one of the 25 tracks I uploaded to the station, alongside other wonders such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sunset Riders, Black Tiger and Golden Axe arcade games. I was really proud until I checked the stats on 1-Up! Radio and found that Gyruss - Main Theme had an abandonment rate of 50%. That is, half the people who hear it disconnect from the station. Whatever happened to an appreciation for the classics?!

Oh, and if anyone knows of another broadcasting site that works similarly and has a generous space allowance, say, 400 megs or so, feel free to let me know. ;)

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