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This is my own little slice of the Web, devoted to games of the past and present that I like, especially game music. I review game soundtracks, run a small-time online comic inspired by characters in gaming, and talk at length with no one in particular about things in the gaming industry right now. If you've partaken of some of these game musics before, this may be the spot to relive some of those great moving musical moments you've forgotten. If you've never heard some of the games here, then do so without delay, whether through online MP3s or purchasing actual soundtracks. I can but hope to make gamers both old and new aware of the treasures that lie in wait in the form of sound tests and music CDs, to amuse with the antics of tiny handless, malformed ninjas, and to enterain and evoke thought with my own thoughts on the state of gaming. Welcome to 1-Up!.

Thursday, November 27th, 2003: Coinciding with breaking 700 avatars on Character Select, the site has reached the 50,000 page hits mark; it only took three and a half years... Unfortunately, the lucky visitor's service provider was hidden by modern browsing technology, but to that person and the rest of you, thank you muchly for your patronage.

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